Shuchen Zhu


I obtained my PhD in Computer Science at Georgetown Univeristy, where I am fortunate to have Justin Thaler as my advisor. Before this I received my Master degree in Physics from Rutgers University, and I graduated from Arizona State University with a B.S. in Physics and Mathematics.



  1. Primitive Quantum Gates for an SU(3) Discrete Subgroup
    Eric Gustafason, Yao Ji, Henry Lamm, Edison Murairi, Shuchen Zhu
    Manuscript (2024)
  2. Quantum Algorithm for Ground State Energy Estimation Using Circuit Depth with Exponentially Improved Dependence on Precision
    Guoming Wang, Daniel Stilck-Franca, Ruizhe Zhang, Shuchen Zhu, Peter Johnson
    Quantum 7, 1167 (2023)
    [arXiv] [Quantum]
  3. Gluon Digitization via Character Expansion for Quantum Computers
    Yao Ji, Henry Lamm, Shuchen Zhu
    Physical Review D 107, 114503 (2023)
    [arXiv] [PRD] [QIP 2022 poster]
  4. Gluon Field Digitization via Group Space Decimation for Quantum Computers
    Yao Ji, Henry Lamm, Shuchen Zhu
    Physical Review D 102, 114513 (2020)
    [arXiv] [PRD] [slides]
  5. Improved Approximate Degree Bounds for k-distinctness
    Nikhil Mande, Justin Thaler, Shuchen Zhu
    TQC (2020)
    [arXiv] [TQC] [slides]
  6. Theory of Trotter Error with Commutator Scaling
    Andrew Childs, Yuan Su, Minh Tran, Nathan Wiebe, Shuchen Zhu
    QIP (2020); Physical Review X 11, 011020 (2021)
    [arXiv] [PRX]
  7. Short and Long Range Population Dynamics of the Monarch
    Komi Messan, Kyle Smith, Shawn Tsosie, Shuchen Zhu, Sergei Suslov
    Poster session AMS/MAA Joint Mathematics Meeting (2012)


  1. a note on bosonization of 1 dimensional electronic gas
    Shuchen Zhu
    Manuscript (2015)